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Haeley Vaughn is on her way to becoming Country-Pop’s next darling with a genuine optimism and enthusiasm for singing that cannot be deterred. Her passion for music was cultivated in Tucson, Arizona- in the bathtub at just three years old. She spent her childhood belting out tunes to anyone who would listen and explored every possible outlet of performance. From singing in school and church choirs, to gymnastics and cheerleading, it was clear that Haeley was born for the spotlight. Picking up the guitar at 13, this spunky gal taught herself simple melodies and learned to play along to some of her favorite songs by the Dixie Chicks and The Judd’s – country music her mother introduced at a young age and inevitably turned into a household favorite.

At 16, the summer right before her junior year in high school, she tried out for Season 9 of American Idol. She toted her brand new red guitar to the Idol auditions in Denver where she became an immediate judge and fan favorite. During the last round of American Idol’s “Hollywood Week”, Simon Cowell gave the news that Haeley had won herself a spot on the coveted TOP 24 and things finally felt like they were falling into place. Haeley moved on to the seasons live shows and finished as one of the top ten females of the overall TOP 20. After gaining recognition for her stint on the famous show, Haeley’s next step was obvious if she wanted to make it in the biz: a move to Nashville.

Following in the footsteps of country greats and some of her own idols and influences, Haeley Vaughn packed her bags and relocated to Music City. Since her move, she has written with hit songwriters such as Mark Irwin (Highway Don’t Care- Tim McGraw & Taylor Swift, Redneck Crazy- Tyler Farr), Rob Crosby (Concrete Angel- Martina McBride, Friday Night- Eric Paslay), Jennifer Adan (She Wouldn’t Be Gone- Blake Shelton) and has played at popular events and venues such as CMA’s annual Country Music Festival and The Bluebird Café. Nowadays you can find Miss Vaughn performing regularly at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Broadway, famously known as the #1 Honky Tonk in Nashville, and other various ‘Writer’s Nights’ around town, showcasing her own original music.

While Haeley has already accomplished so much, she has no plans of settling down anytime soon. She continues to write and record music and has big dreams of one day hearing herself on the radio. “The night before we moved to Nashville, my mother read me a quote that’s now become sort of like my personal motto: When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say ‘I used everything You gave me.”

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Coming for YOU 👉🏾 @utarlington! Can't wait to play the #UTACLMusicFestival tomorrow! See ya soon! x 💕 #HGTC2017🚙 https://t.co/gHBvmnGWIi
24 March 2017
Hey hey! ✌🏾️Hope everyone's having a great day! I'm singing at @tootsiesnet (Floor 2) til 10pm 2nite - come hang?!? #tootsiesyall #nashville
24 March 2017
How can such a beautiful world be littered with so much ugly 💔 #PrayForLondon #PrayForMankind https://t.co/pqQMW5Rr1D
22 March 2017
@ULaVerne - You guys ROCKED today! Thanks for including me in your "Country Takeover" & for singin' LOUD! xx 💛… https://t.co/dHXyk9eokq
21 March 2017
Ready for takeoff! See ya tomorrow @ULaVerne !!! ✈️✌🏾️ #HGTC2017🤓 #Cali #letsgoleopards🐆 https://t.co/cidEI74TA2
20 March 2017
Headed to the studio like... 💃🏾👑🕶#queenbeyvibes #hellomonday #inspired https://t.co/sct5awgmNq
20 March 2017
grillin + chillin 😎 #SundayFunday https://t.co/mqdMbrCDLn
19 March 2017
Until next time Florida 💋✌🏾️ https://t.co/pSdluAs8AN
19 March 2017
Comin' for YOU @UF!!! 💋 Hope you're ready to get your #snapchat on! Also, maybe follow me? 👉🏾haeleysarah👈🏾 😉 see y… https://t.co/NE5FhhP6ek
18 March 2017
On the road again... 🚙 Can't wait to sing for you all at @UF tonight!!!! Who's coming?!?! #HGTCTour2017🤓 #UniversityofFL #GoGators🐊
17 March 2017

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