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What DJ Controller Does Marshmello Use

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Marshmello is among the best DJs and EDM currently. However, many people are not aware of Marshmello’s identity; most people suspect that it to be a specific music producer called…

How to Use a DJ Controller

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The truth is that using a DJ controller is quite difficult. It is not about pressing buttons and expecting magic to happen. Although it involves pressing buttons, talented DJ do…

Which pioneer dj controller is the best?

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Pioneer DJ controllers are bits of equipment that permit hands-on control of music blending software. The advancement of vigorous DJ software, alongside the equipment to control it, has been one…

How do I connect my midi controller to Serato DJ

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Serato DJ comes with a lot of features that significantly increase flexibility. The MIDI features lets you map frequently used Serato DJ controls to your secondary MIDI controller, primary DJ…