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How do I connect my midi controller to Serato DJ

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Serato DJ comes with a lot of features that significantly increase flexibility. The MIDI features lets you map frequently used Serato DJ controls to your secondary MIDI controller, primary DJ hardware, and Serato official accessory. You get to create, save, and customize all the different mappings to suit your style of performance. How do I connect my midi controller to Serato DJ? Well, here is the complete instructional.


Your MIDI controller should appear in the MIDI tab under the ‘MIDI devices’ list. However, not that only controllers with MIDI capabilities can appear on this list. If your device doesn’t show up on your list, then it cannot be remapped.

Click on your MIDI controller and ensure that you check the box marked ‘Allow Serato Hardware Remapping.’ Once you have this setting turned on, your MIDI button in the main Serato DJ screen will let you assign different MIDI controls to all primary hardware.

Proceed to close setup on the main Serato DJ screen. Click on the MIDI button, which will enable the MIDI assign mode. You can then open the MIDI panel to start custom mapping. Touch a controller on the hardware, and Serato DJ will link the two mappings. Note that the MIDI assign mode lets you map new functions while removing the default mapped function.

Save the preset

To prevent the stress of having to MIDI assign on every occasion, you need to create and save the MIDI templates on the SETUP screen. Doing this will let you quickly load MIDI templates when you have a gig. However, ensure you create a new preset every time you want to start MIDI mapping. Click on ‘new’ will erase your MIDI settings immediately.

Assigning controls to your secondary MIDI controller

Assigning controls to your secondary MIDI controller is rather simple and straightforward. Ensure that the secondary MIDI control is connected alongside the primary hardware. Go to the MIDI assign mode by tapping on the MIDI button next to the SETUP.

The MIDI assign button is greyed out and unavailable until you connect a secondary MIDI controller. Once the secondary MIDI controller is plugged in, you can now access the MIDI assign button. Once you click on MIDI assign mode, proceed to click any control on the Serato DJ. You can then press the desired MIDI control on the hardware to map with your secondary MIDI controller.

The assign box will turn from grey to blue once you successfully assign a mapping. Press ENTER in case you make a mistake while the box is still blue to revert the mapping. Understand that some Serato DJs have a secondary function when mapping.


Use the above guide to connect your MIDI controller to Serato DJ successfully. It is a simple process that will take you a few minutes to master. Understand that you can always revert mappings by going to the ‘Restore Defaults’ options. You, therefore, should not worry about making a couple of mistakes during the process.

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