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How to Use a DJ Controller

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The truth is that using a DJ controller is quite difficult. It is not about pressing buttons and expecting magic to happen. Although it involves pressing buttons, talented DJ do more than that. Understanding how o use the DJ controller involves various things such as setting up the DJ controller, ensuring beats are in sync, and selecting appropriate music for the event.

As you can see, a lot of work is involved that goes unappreciated by persons who are not initiated in culture. However, we can get ahead and assume that you are past this. What you should do is to get appropriate equipment and know-how you can use it. These are tips on how to use the DJ controller.

You should note that mastering how a DJ controller works involve a lot of work. For instance, you need to mix the beat and keep a high level of energy that is required to get people dancing. You may be surprised that you can equally be swept away, and that explains why you ought to understand how to use the DJ controller properly.

How DJ Controller Works?

Remember that a DJ controller is similar to the turntable deck or even traditional mixers that you see in the ancient movies. Ideally, the controller offers you a vinyl deck or CD experience and offers you control over the DJ software. It is not a must to use a computer when using the DJ controller. Instead, the laptop can be used as a screen.

The DJ controllers available on the market are compatible with various DJ software applications. However, you need to ensure that this is the case with your selected model. Also, the DJ controller provides you variety of FX tools that improve your mixing. In fact, if you are a professional, you can use up to two different controllers to drive your crowd insane.

Tips On Using DJ Controller

Research the Equipment

Ideally, before you begin using a DJ controller, you need to search for it. You need to find out whether it is compatible with the DJ software and whether it comes with special instructions.

Get a Sound Card

You should note that most DJ controllers have a built-in sound card. However, you need to check to be sure or whether it has the model you want. If not, you should get a compatible one.

Compatible Music Formats

The truth is that there is no DJ without music. Ensure you have your favorite songs on USB drive or CD that is compatible with the DJ controller.

Start Slowly

For beginners, it may appear that there are lots of buttons on a DJ controller. Therefore, you should start slowly by testing all the buttons and finding out what happens. When you are comfortable with the button layout, you have the freedom to combine a few and see the effect you get.

Remember that this is not something that is theory only; you have to do it practically. In this way, you can get a feel of different buttons, jog wheels, knobs, and pads. In fact, only practical experience can highlight your DJ style.

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